2018 Nutrition Month Sample Posters (Theme: Ugaliing magtanim, Sapat Na Nutrisyon Aanihin!UGALIING MAGTANIM, SAPAT NA NUTRISYON AANIHIN POSTER (SAMPLE POSTERS)

July is called nutrition month which means its a month full of celebration with a lot of contests, events, and activities related to proper nutrition, healthy diet and more. The theme for 2018 Nutrition Month is Ugaliing Magtanim, Sapat Na Nutrisyon Aanihin!. It is the best choice of theme for nutrition month to allow everyone to be informed and be aware of the good effect of making healthy diet and sticking to it for life. Some of the contests related to nutrition month are the poster making contest which showcases the talents of every student to create a poster which shows proper diet and encourage every one of us to choose wellness and healthy lifestyle.

In this post, I will share some sample poster/s for Nutrition Month 2018. If you have some suggestions or artwork don't hesitate to comment it below for us to share it!


Sample Posters for Nutrition Month 2018 

*credits to the owners

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