LBC Customer Service Hotline Number

In this post, I will share the LBC Customer Service Hotline Number for you to call or contact when you are having a problem with their service.

LBC Customer Service Phone Number and LBC Email Address

LBC Contact Number

For Metro Manila Customers call them at 8585-999
For Outside Metro Manila Customers call them at 800-035-702-444 or 1-800-10-8585999

LBC email address:

Official Swift Code of ChinaBank

What is the swift code of ChinaBankThere are instances that some banks or financial institutions are asking for SWIFT CODE especially when having money transactions in the Philippines or outside. In this post, I will share with you the official Swift Code of ChinaBank. Swift code is also known as BIC (Bank Identifier Code). 

What is the official Swift Code/BIC of ChinaBank?

CHBKPHMM is the official swift code/bank identifier of ChinaBank.

Lite Ferries Shipping Cebu-Plaridel Vice Versa Latest Schedule

In this post, I will share to you the latest travel schedule of Lite Ferries (Lite Shipping Corporation) for destinations Cebu-Plaridel or vice versa. Also, I included the updated ticket prices.

(Latest) Cebu-Plaridel Vice Versa Travel Schedule of Lite Ferries (Lite Shipping Corporation)

Cebu to Plaridel
Ticket price:
Plaridel to Cebu
Ticket price:

contact numbers/hotline numbers:

09778225483 (Globe)
09989995483 (Smart)
09253475483 (Sun)

Lite Shipping Corporation Main Office Contact Information:

Cebu Main Office: 09176315060, 09176315075
Cagayan de Oro: 09177027234, 09273805463

How to Recover Forgotten or Lost TIN (Tax Identification Number) in the Philippines?

In this post, I will share with you on How to Recover Forgotten or Lost TIN (Tax Identification Number) in the Philippines. There will be a time that we might forget or lost our TIN number due to many reasons but don't worry there are ways to recover it. It is essential to recover your lost or forgotten TIN number since you only have TIN for a lifetime. 

Ways To Recover Forgotten or Lost TIN (Tax Identification Number) in the Philippines

Option #1

By call BIR Hotline/Customer Support, you can reach BIR Contact Center (02) 981-8888. BIR representative will answer your query regarding your lost TIN. They might ask you personal questions for identity verification purpose. BIR has strict rules in terms of taxpayer confidentiality.

Option #2

Visit your BIR Revenue District Office (RDO). Don't forget to bring with you valid IDs (Government-issued ID's or any supporting documents that will prove your identity). Bring at least (2) two valid IDs.

Importance of TIN (Tax Identification Number)?

TIN is used for many purposes primarily for tax. There are some banks who may require it. 

Complete Guide on How to get SSS number in the Philippines?

In this post, I will share with the complete guide on how to get sss number in the Philippines. There are few sss number requirements to complete in order to get sss number either for employment or other use. 

In your first job, one of the most important things to have is to secure an sss number.  It is mandatory to have an sss number when you are going to work here in the Philippines. It will serve as a certification and identification of being a Filipino citizen aside from the benefits you will get when you start to contribute. Social Security System aka SSS is one important branch of the government that manage the benefits and pension for those who are working in the private sector.

It is now easier and faster to obtain an sss number, you just need to prepare some sss number requirements. I created this post to help you easily get your sss number and save a lot of time. You can now get or apply sss number online. 

Employee SSS Number Requirements

  • SSS E1 Form – fill out properly and correctly 
  • Birth Certificate – original and photocopy
  • 2 Valid IDs  – original and photocopy
  • Email address for your SSS online account

Procedures for Getting SSS Number

1. Visit the nearest SSS branch in your area. Nowadays, government offices have already branches inside the malls to provide convenience to those who are busy with their works during weekdays.
Once you're inside the SSS office, asks the attending officer or get an E1 form. Fill out the form and complete all the necessary information needed. Ensure that all data are correct.
You can download the E1-form here. Fill out the form before heading to your chosen SSS branch.
When visiting the SSS office, go directly to the line for those who will getting SSS number and submit the E1-form together with your requirements.
2. Once done, you may need to wait for your number to be called. Once called just lend to the attending officer all the sss number requirements for checking and verifying your details and information. 
3. Lastly, SSS will provide you a copy of E1 form together with SSS number at the upper left corner of the E1 form. Just make sure to keep this since we are only entitled to one SSS number for life. 

LBC Customer Service | Hotline Phone Number | Email Address

LBC Customer Service | Hotline Phone Number | Email Address. In this post I will share with you the ways on how to contact the LBC Express in different ways through hotline number, customer service and email address.

This is the customer service portal/ customer care and hotline phone number of LBC, "Ang Hari ng Padala", the leading shipping company in the Philippines.

For Metro Manila customers, you may call LBC Express hotline number at (02) 858-5999. Outside Metro Manila customers can also call the phone number.
For outside Metro Manila customers or in the province, you may call them at their hotline numbers 800-035-702-444 or 1-800-10-8585999. 

You can also send your concerns and other questions to LBC's official email address: