CS Form No. 212 revised 2017- Personal Data Sheet

In this post, I will share with you the cs form no. 212 revised 2017 (Personal Data Sheet).  The civil service commission is the one who make all the forms for the civil service exam. There is now new approved personal data sheet (CS Form No. 212 revised 2017 ).


  • The PDS may be accomplished using the MS Word format or MS Excel format.

  • In the MS Excel format, all the tick boxes will automatically be marked once clicked.

  • The PDS must bear the signature of the employee and date of accomplishment at the bottom of every page.

  • Entries in the PDS may be filled out through handwriting or via typewriter/computer.  If handwritten, entries should be in block capital (e.g. PRINT) format using a pen.  

  • All information should be provided accurately.

  • Do not leave blank entries.  Put N/A if not applicable.
  • For purposes of application to a vacant position, the additional sheet for work experience should be accomplished.

    Memorandum Circular no. 11 s.2017

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