Manila Ocean Park Information - Ticket Price and Schedules

Manial Ocean Park is one of the most visited parks in the metro. In Manila Ocean Park the visitors have the ocean to interact with different kind of sea creatures or animals, there are also different dining area and other activities that you can do inside the Manila Ocean Park. The park is suitable for any ages.

How much is the entrance fee in Manila Ocean Park?

Here are the ticket price rate in Manila Ocean Park:

Super Splash - P399
Marine Voyage - P1980
Sea Breeze Express for 2 - P1500
Sea Breeze Express - P750
Marine Voyage 13 - P990
Deep Sea Rush - -580

Manila Ocean Park Customer Service Phone Number / Hotline Number

For more info just contact : 5677777

Manila Ocean Park is open everyday. For the opening hours schedule you can call the hotline number or visit their official website.

What To Do When You Foget Your eFPS Password and Other Information?

What to do when eFPS user forgets password and other necessary information? What To Do When You Foget Your eFPS Password and Other Information?

In case that you as a taxpayer forget important information such as the Password, Username, and Answer to the  Challenge Question, the following procedures will help you solve your problem:
  1. Submit a written request to BIR for re-enrollment in case you as a taxpayer forgets the necessary information such as username and password or there is a change in the corporate authorized signatory (RMO 5-2002).
  2. You will receive communication via e-mail from LTAS/RDO-TASS that their request for re-enrollment has been received and approved.
  3. Perform the procedures in first Scenario, after approval of the re-enrollment request, if the reason for re-enrollment is the change in the corporate authorized signatory.
  4. You will receive an e-mail notification (within 3 to 10 working days) from LTAS/RDO-TASS which indicates the status of your application.

Complete List Requirements To Enroll In BIR eFPS

Complete List Requirements To Enroll In BIR eFPS - In this post, I listed the complete list of all the requirement in BIR eFPS (Filing and Payment System) enrollment. Check the details below,

Complete List Requirements To Enroll In BIR eFPS

  1. A working computer with internet connection.
  2. Internet Browser like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
  3. Valid email address.
  4. The taxpayer must be registered with the BIR Integrated Tax System.
  5. For juridical entities or artificial persons, enrollment shall be made by the officers required by law to file returns. Thus, for domestic corporations, submit a Board Resolution authorizing any two (2) officers designated to file the return under Section 52 (A) of the Tax Code (president or other principal officer and Treasurer or Asst. Treasurer of the Corporation; the managing partner of the Partnership; managing head for Joint Venture; and the country manager for resident foreign corporation) who shall enroll for the system usage to the Large Taxpayer Assistance Service Section / Revenue District Office – Taxpayer Assistance Service Section (LTAS/RDO-TASS)
  6. Letter of intent to enroll with eFPS and any accredited agent bank.
  7. Photocopy and original Valid IDs of authorized representative/s.
  8. Printed email notification from the BIR.
  9. Enrollment with any eFPS Authorized Agent Bank (eFPS-AAB) for use of their e-payment system, in accordance with the bank’s procedures.

Guide on How to Register with the BIR eFPS (eFiling and Payment System)

Guide on How to Register with the BIR eFPS (eFiling and Paytment System) - The government is now implementing a convenient and fast transactions to all its agencies. Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) is one of the most important government agency. BIR created a system that will make all the transaction faster called eFPS (eFiling and Payment System). The system will make tax returns and payment of taxes convenient for all taxpayer. 

 eFPS (eFiling and Payment System) promotes a paperless transaction so every taxpayer will experience a convenience when filling their income tax returns and other transactions. One good thing about the efps system is that it offers an internet banking service.


Step-by-step Procedure for Enrollment of New Account

1. Go or Visit the Official BIR website:
 or go directly to eFPS Login Screen

2. Choose “Enroll to eFPS” for you proceed to the Enrollment Form Screen.

3. The eFPS enrollment form has three (3) parts:

3.1. In the Taxpayer Details/information part, the enrollee must give his profile information such as:

1. If Individual or Corporate user
2. Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)
3. Registered Name of Taxpayer (for Corporations only)
4. Last, First and Middle Name of the user
5. Date of Birth (in mm/dd/yyyy format)
• For Corporate users: Date of Incorporation
• For Individual users: Taxpayer’s Date of Birth
6. Registered Address of the Taxpayer
• The Region (to be selected form the drop-down list)
• Province (to be selected form the drop-down list)
• City or Municipality (to be selected form the drop-down list)
• House / Building No.
• Street Name
7. Contact Number
8. Reason for e-Filing (to be selected form the drop-down list)

9. When DONE,Click NEXT to continue.

3.2. The second part of the enrollment form is the Account Details wherein the user is required to give the ff. details:

1. Username (one word, should be at least 8 characters)
2. Password (8 to 15 characters)
3. Challenge Question
4. Answer to the challenge question (no special characters)

3.3. In the Verification part of the Enrollment Form, give the EMAIL VERIFICATION CODE which is stated in the e-mail. Then, click “SUBMIT”.

4. BIR will send an email. Print the email notification status.

5. Submit all the necessary documents to the respective RDO for account activation.

6. You will receive an e-mail notification (within 3 to 10 working days) from LTAS/RDO-TASS which indicates the status of your application.

7. When account is fully activated,your can now start filing tax returns. Additionally, eFPS enrolled taxpayer is required to maintain an online banking service with any authorized agent bank (AAB).

Summer Jobs For Students in the Philippines (High School and College Students)

Summer Break is one of the most anticipated event to a student's life. There are some who already planned their travel getaways with their friends but for others summer vacation is a great time to look for a summer job. Instead of spending the whole day watching television, sleeping and eating why not try to be more productive a find a perfect summer job. 

In this post, I round up the top 8 summer jobs for students in the Philippines. Check the top 10 list below of summer jobs available for Filipino students. 

Top 8 Summer Jobs For Students in the Philippines 

Some of the summer jobs listed below can be suitable for high school students as well. I know that majority of the students are below 18 years old so I listed below those that are available for both high school and college students in the Philippines. 

1. Apply for a Call Center/Customer Support Job - The demand in a BPO industry is very high, call center companies are always looking for talented individuals to be part of their team. I heard that there are a lot of BPO companies who are looking for students who wants to get a summer job as a customer support or call center agent. This job is for college students who can communicate well both oral and written.

2. Computer Shop Staff - We all know that computer shops are everywhere and many of computer cafes are looking for students who wanted to temporarily be their staff which role is to assist those who will be using the computers. Basic and advance computer skills is required for this type of summer job. Both high school and college students can apply on this job.

3. Babysitter - Babysitting is most common in western countries but there are also some who need babysitters in the Philippines. Some are posting this kind of job through Craigslist of  directories.

4. Tutor Service - If you are good in a particular subject like Math, Science and English you can use it and provide a tutorial service. This type of job is very in-demand during summer break because there are some kids who wanted to improve the subject with low grades. 

5. Restaurant/Fastfood Chain Crew - This is no longer new since most fastfood chain or restaurants are encouraging students to apply to them for a summer job. 

6. Barista - Coffee shops are all over the metro, if you are good in this making coffee you can apply to a cafe near you. This is best for those college students who are getting Hotel and Restaurant Management course and other related courses.  The competition to this job is very little so if you are skilled you can surely get a summer gig.

7. Online Teacher - In the modern world, it is now easier to find a  job. If you have a good grasp in English language both oral and in written you can surely land a job. Many online sites offer this kind of job.

8. Virtual Assistant - As the word implies meaning you are working remotely. You can find this kind of summer gig online. The works are very simple as a virtual assistant like data entry, web research, email support and other admin works.

LBC Express Branches in Quezon City - Complete Address and Phone Number

Complete List of LBC Express Branches in Quezon City - Complete Address and Phone Number

In this post, I round up the complete list of LBC Express branches in Quezon City with their complete address and phone number.

Complete List of LBC Express Branches in Quezon City

932 A. Bonifacio St., Corner 11nth Avenue, Quezon City

El Pinoy Bldg. Door # 3235 A. Bonifacio St. corner Agudo St., Laloma, Quezon City

Lower Ground Floor, Space No. 17 & 18, Phase 2,Ali Mall Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City

142 A Ground Floor, Armons Building, Kamias Road cor. Anonas Road Quezon City

39 Arayat Cor. Malabito Street Cubao, Quezon City

Bay -3 G/F BPI Cubao Arcade Bldg. corner Cambridge St., Cubao, Quezon City

Ground Floor Manahan Bldg., Aurora Blvd.,Cor. Anonas St., Cubao, Quezon City

Olympia Commercial Plaza, 131 Quirino Highway, Baesa, Quezon City

cor Banaue & Q. Avenue, Quezon City

Berkeley Square, #13 upper ground floor, Tandang Sora, Cor. Commonwealth Avenue, (former Don Mariano Marcos Avenue) Quezon City

Dona Juana Ave. Corner Broadway St., Quezon City

Ground Floor, JAJ-C Building, Boni Serrano corner 3rd Avenue, Quezon City

CTTM PLAZA Lower Ground Floor Tomas Morato Cor.Timog AVe. Quezon City

Congressional Ave. Extension, Bahay Toro, Quezon City, Metro Manila

G/F Citimall #1 Commonwealth Ave., Diliman, Quezon City

Sweet Haven Square Bldg., Commonwealth Ave. cor Villongco St., Quezon City

Unit 118-B NBS-QA Quezon City

Unit G 08,G/F CyberOne Mall Bldg. Eastwood Cyberpark E.Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Bagumbayan Q.C

Metrolane Complex, P.Tuazon cor 20th Avenue Cubao, Quezon City

CRC Bldg., # 80 Tolentino Street San Francisco del Monte, Quezon City


Unit H, Don Antonio Arcade, 17 Holy Spirit Drive, Don Antonio Heights 2, Quezon City

Ground Floor Paraclete Devt Corp. Bldg. 78 – C E. Rodriguez Ave., Quezon City

2 – D Norbetina Bldg. East Avenue corner EDSA, Quezon City

# 1200 EDSA, Quezon City

Pagibig Contribution Table 2017 & How to compute Pagibig Contributions?

Pagibig Contribution Table 2017 - In this post, I will share with you the updated/new Pagibig Contribution Table for 2017 or HDMF Contribution Table 2017. For an employed individual it is mandatory or required to pay or contribute to Pagibig Fund. It is automatically deducted to the salaries of the the employees assisted by their respective companies. Every member should keep eye to their contributions.

Pagibig Contribution Table for 2017 or HDMF Contribution Table 2017

Below is the Pagibig Contribution Table 2017, the usual payment is P100

How to compute Pagibig Contributions?

Pagibig contribution is set at P5,000 which means that the maximum contribution a Pagibig member can pay monthly is P100 and the employer’s contribution is also P100. If you are receiving  a monthly salary of P5,000 it will automatically deduct P100 for Pagibig contribution as well as deduction of 100 from your employer to add to your contribution.

Philhealth Contribution Table 2017

Philhealth Contribution Table 2017 (NEW) - Every year there are some changes in the PhilHealth Contribution. In this post, I will share with you the new Philhealth Contribution Table 2017. Starting January 2017 upto the present, the premiums for employed members, OFWs, self-employed or individual paying members and those under the Sponsored program registered in the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation will be based on the Philhealth Contribution Table 2017.

To all the members of PhilHealth it is a must to know the PhilHealth Contribution Table for the year 2017 to be informed about the latest and most updated premiums because it will benefit them.  

Philhealth Contribution Table 2017 for Employed Members

The table below shows the PhilHealth Contribution Table (2017) for all the employed members or those under employed category membership. 

Philhealth Contribution Table 2017 for Self-Employed or Individually Paying Members

  • With monthly income of P25,000 and below – P2,400 per year
  • With monthly income above P25,000 – P3,600 per year
All the members under the self-employed or individually paying members category can pay quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Philhealth Contribution Table 2017 for OFWs

There's a new premium contributions of P2,400 per year to OFWs or those under the OWP (Overseas Workers Program) which are applicable to Landbased OFWs, either documented or undocumented.

Philhealth Contribution Table 2017 for Sponsored Program Members

  • Annual premium of P2,400 is applied to members under this category.

BPI Bank Subsidiary Branches Abroad

BPI Bank Subsidiary Branches Abroad - In this post, I round up the BPI Bank Subsidiary located outside the Philippines.

BPI Bank Subsidiary Branches Abroad 


BPI Europe PLC - London (Earl's Court)
BPI Europe London - Earl's Court
26A & 27A Earl's Court Gardens
Phone: (+44) 207-8350088
Fax: (+44) 207-3731848

BPI Europe PLC - London (Threadneedle)
4th Floor, 28/29 Threadneedle St.
Phone: (+44) 207-6389100
Fax: (+44) 207-6386838

Philippine National Bank (PNB) Branches and Subsidiary Banks Abroad (Overseas)

Philippine National Bank Branches and Subsidiary Banks Abroad (Overseas). In this post, I round up the PNB Branches and Subsidiary Banks outside the Philippines with their complete address, email address, fax and phone numbers.

Features of Opening a PNB Account:

  • Can open dollar or other foreign currency accounts
    Can remit money to the Philippines
  • Philippine-based PNB accounts
  • Can ask about paying bills and loans in the Philippines
  • Can ask about receiving US pensions in the Philippines

Philippine National Bank Branches and Subsidiary Banks Abroad (Overseas) 

PNB Los Angeles Branch
316 W. 2nd Street, Ste. 700
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(Between Broadway & Hill Streets)
Phone: 213-401-1800 ext 201, 202 or 206
Fax:  213-401-1803

PNB New York Branch
30 Broad Street, 36th Floor
New York City, New York 10004
Phone: (212) 790-960023

PNB Queens (NY) Extension Office 
69-18 Roosevelt Ave.
Woodside, NY 11377
Phone: (718) 898-6113

PNB Tokyo Branch
1st Floor Mita43MT Building
3-13-16 Mita Minato-ku, Tokyo
108-0073 Japan
Phone: (813) 6858-5910
Free Dial: 0120-86-6382
Fax (24 hrs): (03) 6858-5920
Auto Email Reply for Rates Info:
Phone for Rates Info:
   (03) 6858-5940 / (03) 6858-5950

PNB Nagoya Sub-Branch
7th Floor Nishiki 324 Building
3-24-24 Nishiki, Naka-Ku
Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken
460-0003 Japan
Phone: (8152) 968-1800

PNB Singapore Branch
304 Orchard Road,
#03-02/07 Lucky Plaza
Shopping Centre,
Singapore 238863
Phone: (65) 6737-4646

PNB Singapore Limited Purpose Branch 
#03-68 Lucky Plaza
Shopping Center,
Singapore 238863
Phone: (65) 6737-4106

PNB Europe PLC
5-7 Hillgate Street
London W8 7SP
Phone: (0044) 207 3132300 / 2308 / 2305
PNB UK 24/7 Phone Banking:
          573-8PNB or 573-8762

Allied Bank Philippines (UK) PLC - Rochester Row
114 Rochester Row
SW1P 1JQ United Kingdom
Phone: (44207) 233 6311

PNB Europe PLC - Paris Branch
165 Avenue Victor Hugo
Paris, France  75016
Phone: +33145053393

PNB Bahrain Branch
11th Floor Bahrain Tower Government
One Avenue, Manama
State of Bahrain POB 20493
Phone: (973) 1722 4707
Fax: (973) 17210-506 / (973) 17224-710
(Formerly Allied Bank Bahrain)

Allied Commercial Bank Xiamen China (Bank Subsidiary)
3rd Floor The Bank Centre 189 Xiahe Road
Xiamen 361003  China
Phone: (86592) 239 9316 to 17

Allied Commercial Bank - Chongqing Branch 
521-522 Hilton Chonqing
139 Zhong Shan San Lu Yu Dong District
Chongqing 400015  China
Phone: (86238) 903 9958

Philippine National Bank (PNB) Guam Branch
1st Floor C2, Micronesia Mall
1088 W. Marine Corps Drive
Dededo, Guam 98929
Phone: 646-9143
(formerly Allied Bank Guam-Tamuning Branch)

PNB Hongkong Branch
Unit 02, 9th Floor, Tung Wai Commercial Building
109-111 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 2543-1066
Trunkline: (852) 2543-7171

Allied Banking Corporation (Hong Kong) Ltd Kowloon Branch 
Shop 264-265 2/F Houston Center 63 Moody Road
Tsimshatsui East Kowloon, Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 2366 8509 2366 3291

Allied Banking Corporation (Hong Kong) Ltd Central Branch
1402 World Wide House 19 Des Voeux Road
Central, Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 2846 2288 2846 2251

NBI Clearance Application Fee

NBI Clearance Application Fee - Many are asking if how much is the fee for NBI Clearance application? In this post, I round up the necessary payment for NBI Clearance Application. 

In getting a NBI Clearance there's a specific fee for different purposes like for Local Employment, Travel Abroad, Business Requirement, Naturalization, Cancellation of Alien Certificate Of Registration (ACR) and Repatriation. Check the table below for NBI Clearance Application Fee.

NBI Clearance Application Fee

NBI Clearance Fees          Purpose of Application

P 115.00Local Employment, Change of Gender, 
For Probation, Correction of Birthdate, 
Enlistment AFP, For Promotion
Enlistment PNP, ID Purposes, 
Custom’s Pass ID, Student Visa,
 Lateral Entry, Seaman, Seawoman’s Book,
 DOT , Marriage and Other Requirement
P 140.00
Travel Abroad, Africa, Asia, Australia, 
Canada, Central America, Europe,
 Hongkong, Libya, Micronesia, Middle East, 
New Zealand, North America, Palau, 
Papua New Guinea, Qatar, Saipan,
Singapore, South America, Taiwan, 
USA, Passport Renewal, For Deportation, 
Self Deportation, Immigration Requirement,
 Visa Australia, Canada, China, New Zealand,
 Visa Seaman,
 Seawoman, USA
P 165.00Business Requirement , Change of Name, 
Permit to Carry Firearms, Firearms License , 
Adoption NFA, POEA, PRA, SEC , 
NTC, ACR Requirement, 
Special Investor’s Residence Visa
P 415.00Naturalization, Cancellation of Alien Certificate 
Of Registration 
(ACR) , 

NBI Clearance Requirements (Complete List)

Complete List of  NBI Clearance Requirements (Philippines NBI Requirements)

In this post, I will share with you the complete list of requirements when getting a NBI Clearance. You should secure all the necessary requirements before heading to the NBI office for your application.

Complete List of Requirements for NBI Clearance (Philippines NBI Requirements)

1. 2 Valid IDs. Here’s a list of valid IDs you can provide: Voter’s ID, SSS ID, PRC License, Passport, Driver’s License, GSIS UMID, School ID, Alien Certificate of Registration, Philhealth, Tax Identification Number (TIN) ID, NSO Authenticated Birth Certificate, Senior Citizen Card, Copy of Previous NBI Clearance. Take note that you must have at-least one pictured valid ID.

2. NBI Clearance Application Fee – In applying or getting a NBI Clearance there's a corresponding payment which depends on the purpose of securing one .The fee or payment ranges from P115 to P415.

3. Additional: Bring with you a ballpen since you need it when filling out the forms and signing. Also, bring all the original copy and photocopies of your documents for verification purposes.

Those are the NBI clearance requirements you should secure for hassle free application.

How to Replace Damaged or Lost BPI ATM Card?

There are instances that we can't avoid like losing our BPI ATM card or by any means it was damaged. ATM card is very convenient and easy to carry anywhere that's why many prefer ATM card than having a passbook.

If your BPI ATM card was stolen/lost or damaged don't worry you still replace it with a new one to continue your transactions using your ATM card. 

How to Replace Damaged or Lost BPI ATM Card?

Here are the steps on how to replace your BPI ATM card:

1. You can email/call or use the BPI Hotline Numbers to report the lost of your ATM card. You can contact them at their hotlines below.
  • 89-100 (for Metro Manila)
  • 1-800-188-89100 (for Domestic toll-free calls)
  • (02) 89-10000 (for mobile phone users)
  • If you are abroad, you can call the International Toll Free Numbers posted at BPI Customer Service Hotline Numbers.
  • Email Address:
2. If you are just near to any BPI branch you can go there are report what happened to your card.They will also make a report and process the replacement.

BPI may charge a replacement fee of  100 pesos  for the damaged or lost BPI ATM card. This is to replenish the cost of service maintenance.

Lenovo K6 Note - Full Specs, Features and Price

Lenovo K6 Note - Full Specs/Specification, Complete Features and Official Price 

Lenovo Mobile Philippines launched it newest addition to its mobile devices the Lenovo K6 Note with official price of ₱11,999.00. It's under the mid-range smartphone category with surprising features and specs.

The Lenove K6 Note has a metallic unibody design which is no longer new in the market, almost every single phone is not in a metallic unibody. It has 5.5-inch full HD display and a fingerprint sensor at the back. The smartphone will not disappoint you when it comes to it's camera which has 16 Megapixel main camera that uses color corrected temperature flash technology and a decent 8 Megapixel front cam.
The  K6 Note runs on a Snapdragon 430 chipset. It comes with 32GB built-in storage and running the latest operating system which is Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The sound quality of the phone is good provided by Dolby Atmos audio. 
The Lenovo K6 Note is available in any Lenovo outlets nationwide and other smartphones and gadget stores across the country. Its official price is ₱11,999.00.

Lenovo K6 Note Full Specs/Specification:

  • 5.5 Inch FHD (1080 x 1920 Pixels) IPS LCD Display
  • 16.0 MP Rear Camera with Dual-tone LED Flash
  • MicroUSB 2.0
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • 4000mAh Battery
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS
  • 8.0 MP Front Camera
  • Dual SIM
  • 32GB Internal Storage
  • Expandable Up to 256 via microSD
  • 4G LTE, 3G HSPA+, 2G EDGE & GPRS Networks
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 Chipset
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 11,999.00 Official Price in the Philippines

How to Get a TIN Online using BIR eReg — Getting Tax Identification Number from BIR Philippines

Today, it is now very convenient and easy to secure a  Tax Identification number or TIN. Every individual must only have one Tax Identification number. The fastest way to get a TIN is to use the BIR eReg., an online platform that allows an individual to register to obtain a TIN- Getting Tax Identification Number from BIR Philippines.

TIN Online Application

Who can apply for TIN Online using BIR eReg?
  • Self-employed Individuals (such as Sole Proprietors and Professionals)
  • Mixed Income Earners (those who are both employee and sole proprietor and/or professional at the same time)
  • Employees
  • Those who are qualified under Executive No. 98  

How to get your TIN Online?

Here are the procedures on how to get a Tax Identification Number  or TIN online:

1. Go to the official website of BIR.

2. Fill out the application form. Make sure that you supply all the necessary questions.There will be a warning sign when you missed any required question.

3. Once done with the application form, click SUBMIT.

    How to Apply as a SSS Voluntary Member - Requirements and Procedure

    SSS offers a lot of benefits to all its members. It is worth it and rewarding to be a member of SSS or Social Security System. SSS don't limit its member to be private or government employees, there are actually several categories to be a SSS contributor. 

    Those who are under a private companies, the company is the one responsible for the monthly SSS contribution. For business owners they fall under self employed category. For those who are unemployed, but interested in opening SSS account, they are under voluntary SSS contributor.

    SSS Voluntary Member requirements:

    Below is the list of the requirements as a SSS Voluntary Member:
    • SSS E1 Form
    • Valid IDs (Original and Photocopies)
    • NSO Birth Certificate (Original and Photocopies)
    Who are under Voluntary Category?
    • Separated Members 
    • Non-Working Spouses
    • OFWs

    How to Apply as a SSS Voluntary Member?

    Here are the step-by-step procedures in applying as a SSS Voluntary Member:

    1.  Visit the nearest SSS branch. Fill out the SSS E1 Form (can be downloadable online). It is advisable to download it and fill out the personal details before going to SSS office.

    2. Submit the accomplished SSS E1 Form along with the photocopies of Valid IDs and NSO Birth Certificate.

    3. Wait for few minutes for your SSS Number which is located at the upper part portion of the form they will give to you.